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The 2021 Team.


  • Show up on time - or immediate call to notify of lateness.


  • Ask questions when you do not understand or want to learn more. 

  • Cheerful/Positive attitude 

  • Watch for details - my brain is focused on camera settings, clients attention - so I need someone looking at the small things.

  • You are to be actively working when on site/in studio. This could be CLEANING or organizing or breaking down sets or setting things up or working with clients or helping with the session. 


  • Dress like this is a professional company - because it is.

  • No sweatpants, pajamas, extremely low cut tops, poor fitting clothing to wear you are exposing yourself : aka, cover those cheeks, va-jay-jays and tatas!

  • Dress like this is a professional company - because it is.

  • No sweatpants, pajamas, extremely low cut tops, poor fitting clothing to wear you are exposing yourself : aka, cover those cheeks, va-jay-jays and tatas!


  • Greeting clients in parking lot

  • Taking temps

  • Hold my camera or camera bag as needed.

  • Set Up/Breakdown/Clean Up of Sessions + Studio

  • Instructing Clients 

  • Time Keeping - 5 minute warnings of end of session

  • Adjusting clients as needing - in terms of hair or clothing

  • Keeping kids attention by clapping or jingling bells or dancing - make it fun!

  • Taking behind the scenes photos + videos to use for social media content

  • Posting stories

  • Being the Chanel Photography street team - helping tag us in referral posts, hyping up our newest sessions and offerings + sharing our posts. 


  •  $10.00 per hour via Venmo. After 6 consecutive months of working; your pay increases to $12.00 an hour.

  • Or, TRADE.

  • TRADE can be for any product or service I offer including mentoring/coaching.

  • We do not offer ADVANCES

  • Paid every SATURDAY. Unless otherwise discussed.

  • Time is paid hourly and rounded to the nearest half hour. For example : we pay 1 hour or 1.5 hours versus 1.25.

  • You are a 1099 Contractor.  

All assistants this year will get the following after you've worked one session with us - these offerings expire within 3 months of non-activity * : 

  • $100.00 off your own personal newly sessions [does not apply to prebooked sessions or gifts for others]

  • 50% off model call galleries

  • Invite to any team meetings

  • Invite to any team parties

  • First dibs on styled sessions including our seasonal collection

  • Access to our team group

  • Pro Headshot for our website

* If you take a break for 3 months or are no longer working - all of these offerings do not apply to you til you work another session. 


  • You will need to come in a mask. You are welcome to also wear a face shield. 

  • For 2021 I will aim to have two people on hand to help with clients.

  • Temp checks at cars

  •  reminding them of the health questions that will be emailed prior and confirmed in person. 

  • keeping one set of clients in studio at a time. 

  • Cleaning spaces and spraying fabric in between clients.

  • If you are ILL with a temp or a HEAVY cough or have been recently EXPOSED please go over to the team page and find someone to cover you. 

  • Continued Failure to have coverage, repeated cancelations or simply a no call no show will result in being removed from the team. 


  • Some sessions may require you and I to drive together; you ARE paid for drive time when this happens. 

  • Some duties aren't even at the sessions - I may need help prop shopping or location scouting or prop making or picking up furniture or admin duties. Those are also paid hourly.


  • Expected to communicate with clients

  • Dress professionally/appropriately. 

  • Show up ready to work!

  • Follow COVID protocols. 

  • You are to set pricing - keep it fair, competitive and consistent. Clients talk!

  • Show up on TIME and PREPARED.

  • Take before and after photos. 

  • Finish timely and give an update if more time is needed. 

  • Tag us on social media postings in regards to working that day or client photo shares. 


  • I will protect you from any aggressive or rude clients. This never happens but I AM there for you. I will not expect you to say anything - that is my place. 

  • I will openly communicate any issues as they arise. 

  • I will openly communicate schedule changes, location addresses and any important info. 

  • I will do everything to fully understand/respect schedule conflicts that may arise. 

  • I will aim to coach/mentor you if photography, design or business is your goal/passion. 

  • I will keep an open door policy. 

  • I will have a group set for TEAM members only for news/updates. 

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