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Hello Creative Beginnings Families!

Welcome to the hub of school photos!

This year we are offering fundraisers through my company to support Creative Beginnings. My name is Chanel and Ive been apart of the CBP for a few years. All 3 of my children attended and I began working as a sub. That quickly turned into an aide then teacher's assistant for the 2s then full time teacher in the 2s and now, I am in the 3s. 

I feel its important to give back to those who help build the community so Im happy to be apart of this opportunity to help our preschool raise funds!

DSC_6719 1_edited.jpg

What Happens Next?

  • You can preview gallery, submit payment if you so choose and let me know chosen your package. You can then EMAIL to confirm selection/payment. You can comment directly on the images you want as prints so I know. We are sending home paper forms as well. 

  • I will be ordering prints by May 5th or so to have them here on time for end of our school year.  

  • If you have chosen digital downloads - your gallery will be updated after payment is received to allow for downloads and higher resolution images will be present. 

  • Unpurchased galleries will be closing by June 1st 2022, so please aim to make selections ASAP. 

  • Once prints arrive - they will be sent home in your child's take home folder. If shipping takes longer/issues arise or orders are paid late - you can pick up from our Annapolis studio.

  • ** Gentle Note ** We spent a decent time per kiddo as they were comfortable & or able. We dont ever want to overdo it and have unhappy kiddos.  Then I went and deleted any blinks, blurs or awkward hand placement [lets think, "I need to go potty" type of positionings] and left the ones that were best. Our volunteer adjusted hair, helped to try to make kids smile and enjoy the experience & focus on the camera. They were a great help!!

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